straight guys tom lawson and dominic moore

Muscular & Hairy Big Cocked Uncut Stud Tom Lawson Wanks his 1st Man & Shoots a Massive Load!

I have to confess, my tastes are pretty predictable when it comes to the kinds of guys who get me horny. It’s probably not too surprising to most of you that Tom Lawson quickly shot to the top of my list the second I saw him enjoying his own 7.5-inch uncut cock in a solo video.

This handsome hunk is so damn fine, he’s got an amazing body built from working out at the gym and playing Rugby. The latter is something we need to focus on here, because this post is all about how horny he is and how eager he seems to be when he gets the chance to wank another guy’s cock for the first time.

straight guy playing with another straight guy' nipple
Straight lad Dominic Moore gives handsome hunk Tom Lawson some nipple play

Being such a massive fan of straight British guys I’ve noticed that there are things a lot of these performers have in common. Most of them work out at the gym, and they’re either footballers or Rugby players. Is it something about being more active that gets them so willing to enjoy their cocks on camera? Is it because they’re used to seeing so many dicks in the showers? Is it something else entirely? I don’t know, but it definitely seems as though all these sporty straight guys are pretty into jerking other guys off and frotting their dicks together when they get the chance.

I think we all hoped that straight hunk Tom Lawson would be into it, and he certainly was when he got together with boxer Dominic Moore for his first feel of another lad’s hard cock.

straight guys cock bulging in his boxer shorts while another straight guy feels him up
Dominic gets a feel for jock Tom’s dick bulge

We saw him being jerked off by another guy for the first time in January 2018, and we were all looking forward to seeing whether he would be willing to get his dick out with another guy and feel a cock other than his own. We eventually got exactly that with this new video (April 29th 2018).

Dominic Moore is the horny straight lad getting him into it, starting out with some comparing of builds, Dominic checking out his hairy jock body, the two groping the shapes of those growing cocks in their boxers.

two straight guys grabbing cock bulges
Straight lads Tom and Dominic feel the shape of each other’s cocks in their shorts
straight guys frotting cock bulges
Dominic and Tom rub their cock bulges together

One of the first things I noticed is that Tom is obviously getting hard the second he feels Dominic’s cock bulge for the first time. With some frotting of their dick bulges his package only gets bigger. Eventually it’s time for the boys to tug each other’s boxers down and we find that Tom is already rock hard, his cock throbbing out of the top of his shorts.

His foreskin is slid back and his swollen tip glistens with precum. He’s ready to go, his manly dick throbbing and pointing upward the moment it’s out.

straight guy pulling down another straight guys shorts in a wanking video
Tom pulls down Dominic’s shorts to get at his uncut cock for some friendly jerking

Has he been waiting for this kind of chance? Has he been curious about other guy’s cocks for a while and just never had the opportunity to feel another dick in his fist? The way he proceeds to wank Dominic and can’t seem to stop grabbing the lad’s cock tells me he’s already discovered that he loves to share some jerking with other guys, at the very least.

When the guys are finally ready to unload Tom lays back on the floor and Dominic wanks him to the finish line, making Tom spew a gigantic cum load out of his cock, his hips bucking as semen spews from his raging stiffy, splatting thick white cream all over his chest and abs.

It’s an amazing video, especially for all Tom’s fans (and there are many).


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