New performer Will Fletcher is set to impress

He’s brand new to the world of gay porn, but this straight British jock isn’t new to the notion of showing off his best assets for some adoring fans. Will Fletcher is a 23-year-old footballer from the British city of Liverpool, he works out several times a week, spends some sporty time on the pitch with his friends, and enjoys being on stage as a stripper on a Friday and Saturday nights.

He’s more comfortable naked than clothed, which soon becomes apparent in his debut shoot, showing off his body in his football kit and gradually stripping down to his boxers. His cock is already starting to throb in his boxers while he’s posing and groping his growing package, and when he slides them down to reveal all we find a long and smooth, perfectly pink uncut cock waiting to be stroked and played with.

In a few more moments he’s hard and wet with precum, sliding his foreskin back to reveal a swollen pink plum tip. His balls are tight pull up close to his body as he strokes his cock, masturbating for the eager fans and performing for a new wider audience of members who are no doubt already wondering when we can see more of him.

After a great show he finally takes himself to the edge, laying back on the floor and rubbing his solid length, stroking himself to climax as semen squirts from his cock to splash out over his fit body, decorating his abs with cum and leaving a sticky, milky mess of man juice all over his cock, hand and thighs.


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